The African Elephant Fund is working to ensure a secure future for African elephants and their habitats

The African Elephant Fund is working to ensure a secure future for African elephants and their habitats.


The Amazing World of Elephants documentary from the AEF project in Ghana entitled: Elephant Conservation Through Law Enforcement And Stakeholder Engagement In Mole National Park And Its Corridors.

Educational Awareness documentary entitled:The Amazing World of Elephants. The d ..

The AEFSC Holds Their 6th Meeting, January 2016

Photo: 14 January, 2016- Geneva, Switzerland-Members of the African Elephant Steering Commitee and guests at the 6th AEFSC meeting held at the Geneva International Conference Center.From left to to right, are Kofi Nana Adu-Nsiah, Miet Van Looy, Frank Barsch, Isabelle Vreeke, Marcel Van Nijnatten, Flore Koumba Pambo, Benoit Doamba, Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, Dave Henson and Mrigesh Kshatriya.

The African Elephant Fund Steering Committee (AEFSC) held its 6th meeting in Geneva, Switzerland from the 12th-15th January 2016 during the margins of the 66th CITES Standing Committee meeting (January 11th-15th, 2016). All members of the steering committee were present and a quorum was established.

With a limited call for re-submissions of project proposals from range states previously submitted for review during the 5th AEFSC, the committee received 7 projects to re-evaluate, select and approve for possible funding.

Of the seven (7) projects resubmitted from Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast (2), Kenya, Mali, Senegal, and Zambia, only three (3) projects (Ivory Coast, Mali, Zambia) were selected for funding. The total amount of funds approved were $222,360. These funds will be appropriated to projects that meet two of the objectives of the African Elephant Action Plan (a) reduce illegal killing of elephants and illegal trade in elephant products by strengthening law enforcement and (b) strengthen range states knowledge on African elephant management.

In addition to review and selection of projects, the steering committee welcomed pledges from current donor countries Germany and Netherlands of €500,000 and €120,000 respectively.These funds will go a long way in supporting numerous projects from the range states in 2016 to conserve and restore sustainable elephant populations within their ranges.

The next steering committee meeting is intended to be held in early June 2016 and is was proposed by the Chair of the S.C for Gabon to host the next steering committee meeting. (Exact location and dates tbd)

Approved projects were:

Western Africa:

1) Ivory Coast- Improvement Of Knowledge Of The Elephants Involved In The Conflicts With Men/Amelioration Des Connaissances Sur Les Elephants Impliques Dans Les Conflits Avec Les Hommes.( $90,160.00)

2) Mali- Strengthening Law Enforcement Capacity In Close Collaboration With Local Communities To Protect The Gourma Elephants. ($110,950.00)

Southern Africa:

3) Zambia- Strengthening Law Enforcement Capacity To Combat Illegal Killing Of Elephants In Zambia. ($21,250.00)

The meeting report can be found here.

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