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Improvement of Knowledge of Elephants Involved in Human Elephant Conflicts In Côte D’Ivoire


In Côte d’Ivoire, forest fragmentation, destruction of natural habitats of wildlife by agricultural activities and urbanization have increased human elephant conflict.

The cases of elephants present in plantations and nearby villages is increasingly recurring resulting into destruction of crops as well as human attacks.

Annually at least three people died, a tenth wounded and over 200 farms were destroyed by elephants. In addition, at least five elephants have been killed in the last four years for causing destruction of property and death.

To mitigate this challenges and threats facing elephants and humans, Côte d’Ivoire collared four elephants to monitor their movement and ensure that they do not move to human plantations. By collaring these elephants, the wildlife management also secured the elephants from illegal killing and poaching from the nearby villages. Ten forest officers were trained on how to use the Geographical Information System (GIS) to monitor elephants.

The project also created awareness and educated the local communities on the importance of protecting and conserving elephants.

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