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Rules of procedure of the Steering Committee of the AEF



Rule 1

The Steering Committee shall normally meet on an annual basis, or as often as determined necessary by the Chair of the African Elephant Fund Steering Committee in consultation with its membership, at a location also to be determined. To the extent possible, meetings shall be held in the sidelines of one of the regular meetings of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) or of its subsidiary bodies.

Rule 2

Meetings of the Steering Committee may also take place virtually, through teleconferencing or other technology.


Rule 3

Each member of the Steering Committee shall be entitled to be represented at meetings of the Committee by a representative, and designate a person with whom communications regarding the work of the Committee should be conducted between meetings of the Committee.

Rule 4

As host of the African Elephant Fund, UNEP shall provide the secretariat services to the committee intersessionaly and during meetings of the Committee. In the event that the services of UNEP are not available for a particular meeting, the Alternate Chair will serve as secretary for that meeting. In the event that the Alternate Chair must act as Chair, a member of the Steering Committee will be requested to be the rapporteur for the meeting.

Rule 5

Notice of meetings shall normally be given by the Chair at least 45 days in advance.

Rule 6

Notice of emergency meetings shall be given at least 21 days in advance or,in case of virtual meetings, at least 14 days in advance. All documents for such meetings shall be made available at least seven days in advance, where possible.

Rule 7

Documents to be considered at a meeting shall normally be submitted to the UNEP secretariat at least 30 days before the meeting where they are to be discussed, and should not be longer than 12 pages.

Rule 8

At least 20 days before each regular meeting of the Steering Committee,the UNEP secretariat shall distribute by email to the members all documents submitted by the members.


Rule 9

The agenda shall be prepared by the Chair in consultation with the Alternate Chair, and shall be submitted for adoption at the beginning of each meeting.

Rule 10

The working languages of the meetings of the Steering Committee shall be English and French.

The documents to be considered by the Steering Committee shall be translated into the working languages, where possible.

Intersessional communications shall be provided in both languages. The CITES Secretariat or UNEP will be requested to provide assistance with interpretation and translation as necessary, subject to the availability of external funding.

Project proponents should translate the project proposals into the official languages, where possible.

The subregional members of the Steering Committee shall present the contents of proposals at the meetings and their provisional assessment of those proposals.


Rule 10A (new)

If a subregional member of the Steering Committee is also a proponent, the subregional member will present the contents of the proposal but will excuse him/herself from the meeting when a decision relating to the proposal must be made.

Rule 11

African elephant range States, donor States not members of the Committee, representatives from Multilateral Environmental Agreements and institutional donor agencies will be notified of forthcoming meetings of the Steering Committee. They shall be entitled to attend such meetings, or parts thereof, as observers, who shall have the right to participate but not to vote. Participation will be at their own cost.

Rule 12

The Steering Committee may invite experts to attend some of its meetings(or parts thereof) as observers to contribute to a particular issue under discussion.


Rule 13

A quorum shall consist of six representatives from the sub-regions with at least one representative from each sub-region, and one donor State, either in attendance or with a transferred vote.

No decision shall be taken in a meeting in the absence of a quorum.

Rule 14

The time and place of meetings shall be communicated by the Secretariat, after consultation with the members.

Rule 15

A summary record of each meeting shall be prepared by the UNEP secretariat and sent to the members represented at the meeting within 40 days. This shall be presented in the order of the agenda and comprise for each agenda item: a short statement indicating the main points of the discussion and the decision that was made. The UNEP secretariat shall take into account the comments received within 20 days of the circulation and shall communicate the final summary record to all members after it is approved by the Chair.




Rule 16

In the case of a vote, the members of the Steering Committee shall vote by show of hands.

Rule 17

The decisions reached by the Steering Committee relating to proposals will be communicated in writing by the Secretariat to the relevant African elephant range State.



Proposals and emergency procedures


Rule 18

The Steering Committee shall agree on a date by which proposals for consideration by the committee should be submitted by African elephant range States to their subregional representatives, taking account of the funds that are availed in the African Elephant Fund for supporting proposals.

Rule 19

Any member may submit a proposal to the Chair for a decision through email procedure. The Chair shall send the proposal to the UNEP secretariat for communication to the members, who shall comment within 20 days of the communication of the proposal. Any comments received by the UNEP secretariat within this time limit shall also be communicated to the members by email.


Rule 20

If no objection from a member to a proposal is received by the UNEP secretariat within those 20 days, the proposal shall be considered as adopted, and the UNEP secretariat shall give notice of the adoption to all members.

Rule 21

If consensus can not be reached on an intersessional proposal within the 20 days of its communication, the proposal shall be put to a vote. A two-thirds majority is required for adoption. If no such majority is achieved, the proposal shall be rejected.

Rule 21 A

If the Steering Committee adopts a proposal but require the proponent to revise the proposal based on recommendations from the Steering Committee, the proponent must re-submit the revised proposal within 40 days after receipt of the letter from the Secretariat informing the proponent of these recommendations



Financial reporting


Rule 22

As host of the African Elephant Fund, UNEP shall inform the Chair immediately when funds have been paid into the African Elephant Fund and shall provide biannual statements relating to the status of the Fund.



Communication procedure


Rule 23

Information given to the press and to the beneficiaries of the African Elephant Fund, and all related publicity material and publications shall acknowledge the role of the relevant government, donors and any other entities as appropriate.



Final provisions


Rule 24

In matters not covered by the present Rules, the members of the Steering Committee shall agree on the rule to be adhered to during the meeting and adopt it at the same meeting.